Hey there!

This site is a resume of apps and projects made by Joseph Kokenge from Denver, CO. I'm an iOS Engineer working for Northwestern Mutual since July 2021. Most of my currently learning is focusing on SwiftUI's reusability and creating SwiftUI dev tooling.

Below you can find all of my current apps on the App Store along with some more info about me. Thanks for stopping in!

Last updated | July 2023


Liturgical is an app that I threw together after WWDC20. The original idea was to have a Catholic widget out there for iOS users, but quickly grew into my most popular project, and is my only personal project still in active development. You can download it now on iOS, Mac, and Apple Watch!

Dinner Decider

Dinner Decider is my newest app on the App Store! Each user is shown 6 places to eat, they rate the restaurants and at the end are shown the restaurants they agree on! It is built in UIKit and is no longer under active development.

Ragin Cajun Catholics

My first app on the app store! Contact me if you'd like a similar app built for your church.


Gathered was my first personal app on the App Store. The general idea is for user's to submit prayer requests and get paired with other users to pray for each other. I do plan on updating it in the near future with all that I have learned since it's intial release.

Laffy Traffy

Laffy Traffy was initally a school project that would display all the traffic cameras in my hometown, Lafayette, LA. After we were forced to switch projects, I accidentally deleted all of my work on it. I hope to complete it by the end of this summer. Mid-July update: I'm almost done! Everything is looking great! I completed it from scratch in about 4 days using Apple's newest language SwiftUI! September 2020 Update: LCG has removed the cameras from their site so the app won't be launched until then!

Pound The App

I started on this in November of 2018 to make a fastpass finding bot for me and my family. As I began to share more about it, people wanted to be able to use it. Since Disney has no public api, I started to build Pound the App as a notification system for available Fastpasses. However, with the pandemic, Disney made it impossible to view the available Fastpasses without a park reservation, halting development. During COVID-19, Disney made the switch to the Genie service which put an end to Pound The App.

About Me

My name is Joseph Kokenge. I've been developing iOS Apps since my Senior year of high school, 2016. I posted my first app on the App Store in January 2018. In June 2020, I started developing in SwiftUI, and have been using it to build every app I've built since. In May 2021, I finished my CS degree, got married in June, and started at Northwestern Mutual in July. I've been working for NM as an iOS Engineer since then and have been fortunate to work on a state of the art app, that uses almost 100% SwiftUI. Since June 2022, we use SwiftUI with The Composable Architecture.